Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ok I didn't do a post yesterday because I had major writers block and lost track of time... Sooo anyways let's get on a roll!

Don't you think that since we can change our clothes and wands, we should be able to change our hair?  I mean maybe some place in WizardCity called the Barber or something? He can cut your hair, give it extensions, etc. Because I am not rocking the pony-tail anymore. It was cool until about I discovered I had a pony-tail...

I know this was short but still it was something. I just don't have anything to say right now, lol. So bare with me, I might be able to tell you a funny story or something.

So instead of  an emote for the day I will give you a quote:  Days go by and people change, but you gotta make those days count where they're still the same. ~Me

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