Saturday, May 21, 2011

Been Gone

Yes I have been gone, and I am sorry. But I was doing Wintertusk, testing out the new spells, and thinking of something to write about that was "fun". NOTHING CAME TO ME! But, uh, how do you like Wintertusk? In my opinion I love it!!! The story line is good(ish) and I love "Bird is the Word" badge, lol. The new spells are awesome, I gave Dark Pact a chance and it is..... ALRIGHT. Virulent Plague is awesome, new PvP stuffz. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. >:) Any who.... My goneness has also made me realize something, I need something interesting to write about, lol. If I am gonna try to do this with in a four to five day post I need ideas, lol. So anyways that is about it. Have a great day, month, or year. Whenever you are reading this? Lol. Byeee.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Test Realm, WOOT

Ok, so I know I am late with the Test Realm buz but still. So I did some of it today and all I have to say is: AWESOME. I love my new Sacrecrows, and other drains. I love the Rams, I love my new amulet, I love it all. I didn't try the new pet this is up but I might. Anywho, some of this stuff made me gasp. I love the new amulets and such, the new plague, just like card looks cool. Dark Pact, well I'll give it time.... Not! So this was short, I know but still, it was something!

Also, to all of the soon to be mothers, mothers, and mothers who arent with us, Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I guess this is Wizzy related and not so much.

I would just like to start this out as something deep-ish. If you are ever made fun of, put down, or broken. Remember their opinion doesn't matter because you are special in your own way. No, nothing happened to me (yay lol), but people are big headed... But please, dont't make fun of someone who is different than you, because you don't know what they go through everyday. So, be kind and remember, your all special.

On a wizzyer note.. I JUST FINISHED K-PARK! Yep, I never did it... Yes you can make fun of me... (please don't lol). I got help from one of my good friends Maria Moonblossom. So yeah thats it. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Short Blog: Editzzz

Ok so this is going to be a short post, (as the title says) about editing. I cannot use anything with editing for my life, but theses are some simple ones I made using Picnik, hope you likes! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As you know, I havent been posting in "awhile" because, I've been doing GH... WHICH I FINISHED! Yep I just finished GH like, 10min ago with the help of my friends: John Lifeglen and Blaze Stormgem. It took around...... 15min at the most. I really don't remember what we did but it was quick, lol. Anyways, I have to go eat, short blog post I know... but here is a song!

Listen at your own risk, if you dont like swearing, lol.

Also, Mello Yello is an awesome soda, you should try it XDD Not endorsing the product but I had it today and it is awesome

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ok I didn't do a post yesterday because I had major writers block and lost track of time... Sooo anyways let's get on a roll!

Don't you think that since we can change our clothes and wands, we should be able to change our hair?  I mean maybe some place in WizardCity called the Barber or something? He can cut your hair, give it extensions, etc. Because I am not rocking the pony-tail anymore. It was cool until about I discovered I had a pony-tail...

I know this was short but still it was something. I just don't have anything to say right now, lol. So bare with me, I might be able to tell you a funny story or something.

So instead of  an emote for the day I will give you a quote:  Days go by and people change, but you gotta make those days count where they're still the same. ~Me