Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Friday! What Does That Mean....? Nothing.

Yes, I write in italics, I don't know kow but anyways.... Lets get on with the bloggity blog!

So one of my friends, John Lifeglen, adressed me about the header, yes I know it isn't a across the headline thing, but it will be soon I am "working" on it. So anyways it is Friday as I am writing this, it might not be Friday when you are reading this but I swear it is Friday, you're just going to have to trust me on this one. As Rebecca Black would say: "Fun fun fun fun looking forward to the weekend!"  I am so sorry I did that to you but I couldn't resist. Ok so, I am going to try to do a blog everyday, it is my new, New Years Resolution since I didn't have one...... Three months LATER!!! Since people on YouTube do vlogs I thought I blog would be better since it would be awkward to lug a camera around everywhere and I need something to escape boredness (I feel as if this would have been stated in the introduction blog, but eh).

So let's start this off with some LATE Wizard101 news. Wintertusk is out and you know what that means, right? I have to do Grizzleheim! Woot.... -not amused- Yes, I will have to admit, I didn't do GH on my Death, but I did do it on my Balance since I needed somet exp. to get to Grandmaster, a lifetime ago. So there are new level 35 spells and new upgraded 55 spells. But, I really don't like Death's new spell to be quite honest, but, the new Plague is awwesome since it'll help in PvP =D. Though, I do think it is a little costly at 3 pips for a debuff but, eh what can you do? In other news, the level 60 gear looks sweet. I've seen some pics of it one of my friends and it just looks sweet, as I said. But... I am still going to stay true to the school symbol clothing since it just looks all around better. Lastly, since I could go on forever, we can now -drum roll- stitch our wands! Though, I wish it wasnt from the seamstress whose name I cannot remember but from that Blacksmith in GH because he is a Blacksmith, from GH..... If you can't tell what I am going to waste my crowns on it is the Terminus staff, since it is the best looking thing for Death, in my opinion. Oh wait, I do have some more stuff, and you thought you were off the hook, NOPE! The new level 58 pets are out and they are, ok. I love the Scarecrow, but the Judgement pet is, well... You could let John explain it to you the best, lol. And the new Waterworks dungeon is now in Crab Alley, the area from the Selena quest, where you can battle evil cheating bosses and get a "cool" badge at the end! All of  you badge hunters, on your marks, get set, and GO! This dungeon takes about 4 hours as KingsIsle says but someone did finish it in like an hour and a half I think. And..... End news!

Now I have one randomly weird thing to say: Watch out for flying cows, they might just throw the green lamps at you.

And thats all for today! Thanks for reading, bye!

Emote of the Day (I feel like we need a song for this, Emote of the day, do do!): <(^_^<)

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