Saturday, May 21, 2011

Been Gone

Yes I have been gone, and I am sorry. But I was doing Wintertusk, testing out the new spells, and thinking of something to write about that was "fun". NOTHING CAME TO ME! But, uh, how do you like Wintertusk? In my opinion I love it!!! The story line is good(ish) and I love "Bird is the Word" badge, lol. The new spells are awesome, I gave Dark Pact a chance and it is..... ALRIGHT. Virulent Plague is awesome, new PvP stuffz. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. >:) Any who.... My goneness has also made me realize something, I need something interesting to write about, lol. If I am gonna try to do this with in a four to five day post I need ideas, lol. So anyways that is about it. Have a great day, month, or year. Whenever you are reading this? Lol. Byeee.

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